is a Scottish hero

you can't be outlawed by criminals

Rob Roy is my maternal 8th great grandfather unlike GGRR 

I can prove many of my country men & women are

intrinsically insane

About Us

Rob Roy MacGregor Legal Aid

Trying to establish a community  organization to provide funding for community based Legal Aid for civil suits under Common Law, focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place. Who better than big Rob to name it after.

Our Australian government have outlawed civil suits against the government (crown) by low income or very poor people. They've achieved this by increasing fees and making it impossible for self represented litigants to bring a civil lawsuit, and to make it appear they are helping underprivileged people they fund many community legal centres and government entities, but the staff all refuse to provide legal advice on how to bring a civil lawsuit against the Crown, (Australian governments.)

 in welfare payments, myself Centrelink falsely claim I owe them $2,000 but I have no way to stop them taking that money off me from my $250 week allowance. While on the other end elected politicians blatantly lied to be paid close to $250,000 pa upon election pretending their dual citizenship entitlement didn't exist so were incorrectly paid about $16,000,000 then it cost millions more in High Court fees and the bi-elections to replace the crooks who have the audacity to toss their hat in the ring for another bite at the cherry. No wonder Australia is in such a mess greedy imports are pulling us down and holding us back. 

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